Vanity thy name is…Pam, no wait, is it Andrew?

Part II of a series of articles that got up the noses of South Africa’s property royalty (if you missed the first piece,  scroll down the page for more).

Quick quiz for property people. Speaking of photographs and people getting their proverbial knickers in a knot, some Pam Golding Property (PGP) people took great umbrage at last week’s Tabloid Tuesday. They complained, in a nutshell, that the column was unfair (read Pam Golding parties hard amid property pain and Seychelles staff gathering: the facts – Andrew Golding) and unbecoming of a prestigious website.

Last week’s Tabloid Tuesday contrasted PGP’s boasting about its lavish island conference, andaccompanying happy snaps, with the company’s sad regret over staff cuts necessitated by poor economic conditions.

News of both developments were presented in the Spring 2008 issue of PGP’s glossy in-house tabloid, GoldTalk.

And yes, we agree that handsome PGP chief executive Andrew Golding and his fellow conference-goers look more rosy-cheeked and dishevelled than we know them to be in real life.

Avid readers of GoldTalk, however, will know that there were more than enough other photographs to make up for those images. Take Realestateweb visitor West Coast, who sent in the following quiz:

Question 1: In the 16-page Spring 2008 issue of GoldTalk, how many pictures of Pam Golding are there? A. 10 B. 20 C. 23.

Question 2: Who in PGP would publish no less than 40 pictures of themselves in the same publication:

A. Anthony Stroebel. Group Marketing Director

B. Gary Lazarus (joint PGP national agent of the year); or

C. Dr Andrew Golding, chief executive.


“Yes, you guessed it folks, Queen Pam ran no less than 23 pictures of herself in her company magazine. But this pales in comparison to the monumental feat of Prince Andrew whose 40-plus reproductions of himself in one magazine must rank as something of a national record. Clearly humility is not a family trait for South Africa’s property royals,” said West Coast.

* Got any intriguing inhouse publications that need unpacking? Or property news or gossip that needs investigating? Send an email to  freelance journalist Jackie Cameron at

Andy318367_165377033553480_1281893043_nNew AAVA project: Pam Golding Properties Intranet


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