Meet my new friend: Russian Freedom Rocker Katya – and other Twitter tales

My new friend on Twitter: US performer Katya.

My new friend on Twitter: Los Angeles-based performer Katya.

I’ve been having a lot of fun on Twitter lately. I have made some new friends, not least of all a US-based rocker Katya, who composed a heart-wrenching ballad about the outcome of the Oscar Pistorius murder trial.

Katya has been in contact with me regularly after I posted a piece about her song, called #JUSTICE4REEVASTEENKAMP (note the social media-savvy use of the hashtag), on

I’ve been doing a lot of work on content curation for BizNews, a news website that has been growing in leaps and bounds since it was launched a year ago.

After the video of Katya’s new song was published on BizNews, the performer was offered a recording deal. Katya has been insisting, on Twitter, that my article is what got her noticed.

I’m flattered, of course. However, I’m quite sure I was just lucky enough to be the first journalist who came across her song. It was only a question of time before word got out about the piece, which is set to a beautiful piano composition.

If you haven’t heard it, here is the link: listen to #JUSTICE4REEVASTEENKAMP. Have your tissues handy. It’s a tearjerker.

Katya says all proceeds from #JUSTICE4REEVASTEENKAMP will be donated to the slain model’s parents, Barry and June – who we all know were relying on Reeva for financial support.

I came across Katya’s work through another new Twitter friend, @SanityCheek, who posted the link to the #JUSTICE4REEVASTEENKAMP on Twitter. And, I started following @SanityCheek after I spotted his satirical video about the Oscar Pistorius trial – yes, also through a Twitter link.

I must admit, I have been cynical in the past about the uses of Twitter in the workplace. But, as you can see, my engagement on Twitter has produced some very positive spin-offs recently, not least of all some compliments about the power of the pen.

Appreciation for journalism is rare generally, and in my case I’m more used to getting up people’s noses, so I’ve been enjoying the fan Tweets from Katya (@KATYAMUSIC).

Feel free to join me on Twitter (here’s my Twitter handle: @JackieCameronUK). I do follow back.

And, keep a look-out for a piece I wrote for a business magazine, entitled Learn to Speak Twitter, in the “recently published elsewhere” section on my blog.

It contains a wealth of information about how to communicate effectively in this social media space, gleaned from people who are real experts on Twitter (@Ubiquity_ZA, @gillian_findlay, @wheatlands are the obvious ones who spring to mind).

The magazine has first rights to publish, so as soon as the next issue comes out, I’ll be able to carry the feature on my blog or publish it elsewhere (so do let me know if you are interested in running it).

Finally: if you haven’t tried Tweeting, have a go. There’s a very exciting world out there. You never know who you might meet.

Until next time.


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