Here comes the hairy white beast

What’s a Caucasian girl to do to keep her bikini line trim if she lives in China? Jackie Cameron steps behind the pink curtain for a unique salon experience.


Vanity thy name is…Pam, no wait, is it Andrew?

Part II of a series of articles that got up the noses of South Africa’s property royalty (if you missed the first piece,  scroll down the page for more). Quick quiz for property people. Speaking of photographs and people getting their proverbial knickers in a knot, some Pam Golding Property (PGP) people took great umbrage…

Mum, please buy me a snow leopard

Landlord’s insurance, washing detergent, endangered animals: is it fair, or economical, to punt these on prime-time children’s television?  CENTRAL SCOTLAND: There’s an old adage in marketing circles that goes something like this: get them while they’re young and they’re yours forever. The UK’s advertising fraternity has evidently taken early adoption strategies to a new league…