Keeping skin youthful without surgery: What medical experts do

Don’t give up meat if you want to look years younger. Protein is as essential as high doses of Vitamin A.


Drug mules: dicing with death in China

Executions are commonplace, with thousands receiving the death penalty in China each year for at least 55 offences ranging from selling tainted food and corruption to murder

Should we keep China away from our intelligence networks?

The US and the UK aren’t the only states with dirty intelligence secrets. China is also building its intelligence networks. I recently wrote a column on the blossoming relationship between Chinese and South African intelligence agencies, for a South African news organisation. HONG KONG:  China and South Africa have agreed to work together on anti-crime fighting measures.…

Vanity thy name is…Pam, no wait, is it Andrew?

Part II of a series of articles that got up the noses of South Africa’s property royalty (if you missed the first piece,  scroll down the page for more). Quick quiz for property people. Speaking of photographs and people getting their proverbial knickers in a knot, some Pam Golding Property (PGP) people took great umbrage…