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Magazine features (selection)

Be my guest (Profiles three top hoteliers – Signature magazine)

Join the Twittersphere (tips for engaging effectively, professionally on Twitter – Equinox magazine)

Follow the Leader (what the world’s best CEOs have in common – Equinox magazine)

Smart Money: Rands of Time (compound interest made easy – Discovery magazine)

Things of the past (alternative investment trends: antiques – Signature magazine)

Soap Opera (property trends: bathrooms – Signature magazine)

Everything and the kitchen sink (property trends: kitchens – Signature magazine)

Blast from the Past (investing in vintage motorbikes – Signature magazine)

Man in the Mirror (male grooming trends – Signature magazine)

Going Phishing (cybercrime and industrial espionage – Equinox magazine)

Home Sweet Work (business advice: working from home – Equinox magazine)

Right on Schedule (productivity and time management – Equinox magazine)

Jackie Cameron

Jackie Cameron, journalist.

School is in (educational social investment – Equinox magazine)

Playing Nicely (relationships: difficult work colleagues – Equinox magazine)

The Luxury of Time (investing in watches – Signature magazine)

Natural high  (property: holiday home architecture – Signature magazine)

Profile: Stock market investor (asset management – Fancourt magazine)

Wheels of Fortune (vintage cars as investments – Signature magazine)

China Unpacked (travel: making most of business trips to this quirky land of opportunity – Equinox magazine)

Earth Works (property: residential landscaping trends – Equinox magazine)

Rules of Engagement (social media: e-etiquette for business leaders – Equinox magazine)

Vintage Returns (wine futures: making money before wine leaves the barrel)

Skin Deep (beauty trends)

Stocks and Stones (investing in diamonds through the stock market)

Home is where the Hearth is (property: architecture and design trends)

The Great Outdoors (property: architecture and design trends)

Saving the planet  (environmentally friendly stock market investments)

Make cyberspace work for you (careers – Balanced Life magazine)

Baby steps (financial planning when you are having a baby)

Leader of the pack (business leadership)

Tick tock, turn back the clock (cosmetic surgery trends)

How safe is your smartphone? (technology and personal finance)

Saving for a rainy day (personal finance)

Happy returns (investments)

Beautiful bedrooms (property: architecture and interior design trends)

Best investment ideas (asset management)

Media project management 

Media project management: International Student Prospectus 2013  (UK university)

Editor: International Student Magazine (Sino-foreign university)

Investments & personal finance: columns, blogs (selection) 

Stock markets

Calling all Apple junkies: Apple shares deliver staggering returns

Jackie Cameron: Private investors snap up Tesco PLC shares. Should you?

Profile: asset manager who has London investors fawning

Mouthwatering returns: Investing in chocolate stocks

Global bonds: How much is enough for your ETF portfolio?

Diamond stocks sparkle: Investment ideas

HSBC: Hot stock pick from leading fund manager. Time to invest?

Investing in world’s best companies: P&G head and shoulders above rest?

Coca-Cola: Time to invest in Warren Buffett’s favourite?

Investment ideas: Time to buy BP? Oil company is hotting up, say experts

How to invest like billionaires

Greencore Group Plc shares: Cut above the rest?

Multi-asset ETFs: Fool-proof global investment funds

Currency trading: How I turned $100 000 into $1m-plus in 30 days – Joburg auditor 

WATCH! Rats trained to replace humans on financial market trading floors

Tobacco stocks: Good money after bad?

ETFs: What they are – and how to choose. Quick tips for easy investing

Buying international shares: easy tips for beginners

S&P 500 index tracker: How do I get to buy shares, collect dividends?

Scientific proof bankers are dishonest: Another reason to sell your banking shares?

South Africans warm to global ETFs: Tips for beginners

Executive pay scandal: Think bankers are greedy? Try these small company bosses for size

Unit trusts & mutual funds

Best unit trusts: Grey-haired fund managers deliver goods (see their pictures)

Choosing a unit trust that’s best for you. Quick money tips

Abil saga: Lesson in how unit trust managers gamble with your savings

RECM’s Piet Viljoen: Has investment rock star fizzled out? Unit trust insights

Unit trusts: fund manager underperformance rife. New study

Abil saga: Lesson in how unit trust managers gamble with your savings

Investing for first time? Eight reasons to start with unit trusts

Baa, baa fund manager: SA equity unit trust managers exposed as sheep – new research

Five great reasons to invest in unit trusts: Wealth building on a limited income

Unit trust traps: Five pitfalls to avoid

Allan Gray, RECM fund closures: What to do when unit trust funds shut to new money

Choosing great unit trusts in five easy steps. Expert’s tips

Choosing great unit trusts in five easy steps. Expert’s tips

Three reasons fund managers invest like lemmings

RAFI funds: Choosing stocks like Warren Buffett. Easy ETF tips

Hidden costs mean ETFs beat unit trust funds – UK study. Quick investment tips

Property (listed & bricks-and-mortar)

God made us do it: Louis Group property syndicates’ operators. Best of BizNews

Building wealth in property: Use your head, not your heart

Six great reasons to invest in SA Reits

Four great ways to invest in property

South African billionaire Eric Samson: property investments bolster his wealth

SA property company Fortress shoots into world’s top five performers. Global rankings (see table)

Property funds: How closely do they track index? Lifting lid on returns (table)

MUST WATCH! Videos that helped billionaire Douw Steyn become super-rich, & other wealth-building steps

Can you make money investing in property? Try this easy rule of thumb

Struggling to repay your home loan? Five tips to ease burden 

Personal finance

Why educated people make stupid investment decisions

South Africa’s big money earners also biggest thieves

Wealth building on a salary: Five money guzzlers to dump. Best of BizNews

How tennis star Andy Murray builds wealth

Seven signs you’re about to step into a Ponzi scam – like DefenceX, SuraPure, RVAF

Feeling the squeeze of school fees? Four ways to pay

RAFI funds: Choosing stocks like Warren Buffett. Easy ETF tips

Hidden costs mean ETFs beat unit trust funds – UK study. Quick investment tips


Broadcast journalism (from the archives)

Special investigations – team report for radio: Exposing dodgy share dealers (Chris Buchanan and Julius Cobbett in Johannesburg and Jackie Cameron in Cape Town, for Moneyweb, South Africa). * Download the interview and read Bluechip Equity – transcript of radio expose for Moneyweb, South Africa.

Award-winning magazine features (selection)

French Connection (how to invest in French residential property if you are a foreigner)

Land Grabs – Are they For Real? (in-depth analysis of South Africa’s controversial land ownership changes)

Welcome to the Office Party (making money in commercial property investments)

B2B content (selection from archives)

Global Trade: Alan MacDonald – Business success story


More from the archives – by Jackie Cameron 

Money and friendship: We hate it when friends grow wealthy faster – investment experiment

Why property is a winner: Building wealth on a salary

Property funds: over-priced closet index trackers? Lifting the lid on returns

Riding on Warren Buffett’s coattails: Seven ways to share his returns – from SA

Wealth building on a salary: Five money guzzlers to dump

World-beating returns: One SA index-tracking ETF shines in global pack

Best of biggest retirement fund managers: performance snapshots

S&P 500 index tracker: Buffett’s big investment pick; accessing it from SA

Unit trust traps: Five pitfalls to avoid

Time to fire your fund manager? Here’s how to build your own global portfolio

Five mega tax dodgers: Investors are smitten – analyst recommendations

Political uncertainty drives top-end property prices: London to South Africa

Choosing the right RA: Snapshot of low cost RAs vs pricey RAs.

Panicking about money? Beg, borrow – but, please, don’t steal. Finance tips for big salary earners

International share investing: South Africans get stuck into global ETFs

Allan Gray, RECM fund closures: What to do when unit trust funds shut to new money

Wealth building with property: Use your head, not your heart

Buying international shares from your laptop in South Africa: How to get started

Most expensive unit trust and ETF index trackers: SA

RA tips for beginners: Slash your tax, boost your investments

Top SA index trackers double investors’ money – and more – in three to five years: latest stats

Do-it-yourself international share trading takes off in South Africa among the wealthy set

YeboYethu: What you need to do to buy and sell Vodacom’s BEE shares

Vodacom YeboYethu: Thousands of shareholders get ready to trade from February

To read more articles written by Jackie Cameron, see the home page of this website. Or, for a portfolio and list of ideas for your magazine, newspaper or website, write to Jackie Cameron at


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