Luxury yachts: A South African business success story

European yacht investor Tamas Hamor only buys South African yachts. That’s because learning to sail in the world’s most treacherous seas has given the country’s boat designers and manufacturers a distinct advantage.

Stranger danger

Stranger Danger

I was terrified. I couldn’t stop the tears from slipping down my face, which he enjoyed tremendously as he tried tugging me deeper into the water and I kept pulling back. He was getting a kick out of seeing my fear.

A very special Christmas with Nelson Mandela

It was Mandela’s first Christmas as the newly-elected president of South Africa and I felt very fortunate to have been invited. At the time I was the senior writer of a new newspaper, the Sunday Independent. As a political correspondent who covered his ascent from prisoner to president, I had enjoyed a front row seat of Mandela’s difficult but fascinating journey to power.

Should we keep China away from our intelligence networks?

The US and the UK aren’t the only states with dirty intelligence secrets. China is also building its intelligence networks. I recently wrote a column on the blossoming relationship between Chinese and South African intelligence agencies, for a South African news organisation. HONG KONG:  China and South Africa have agreed to work together on anti-crime fighting measures.…